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  Emma judged a Christmas window display competition!



Emma was honored with MBE for her work with Starlight!  It's a charity that helps critically and chronically ill children internationally.  Read about it here and see an interview of Emma about this great honor!!



Emma has written and is directing a radio drama called "The Visitors" and is also presenting the show called "Murder Behind Mansion Walls"(UK edition).  It begins airing on Monday September 7th.  Listen to here

Emma will be appeared on BBC1's "Tumble"



This poster was made by Emma's sister- Louise!
Click on photo above to go to the BBC profile page for Emma 



                                             Emma's submission to the
                   Cirenchester Hare Festival

Click on the link to read an article and see a short video of the unveiling!


            Emma will be decorating a 5ft Hare for
                 the Cirencester Hare Festival!

The decorated 5ft hares will be displayed around Cirencester for the spring and summer months, March 29- Sept 14, 2014.  Emma's hare will be sponsered by and displayed at the Kings Head Hotel! 

On October 4, 2014, the hares decorated by local artists and celebrities will then be auctioned off or sold online to benefit Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.



The annual Variety Telethon of Iowa took place the weekend of March 8th- March 9th and raised 4.1 Million Dollars for the children of Iowa!  This year marked the 40th Anniversary of the Telethon!

For more information on the telethon, please visit  http://www.varietytelethon.com

and for more information on Variety Iowa and to donate to this worthwhile charity- please visit http://www.varietyiowa.com
     Emma was a guest on RAD-Radio with Rob & Scotia on Monday, August 12th!  You can click on the link below to listen to the interview or download it!



            Emma has returned to General Hospital
                        as Holly Sutton-Scorpio! 
Her First airdate was a surprising August 2nd!!


                       photo by Scotia Draven @hexsphere on twitter

                      Emma & Finola Hughes
                      photo by Eileen Corey @eileen_corey

                      photo tweeted by @GHeventinfo

          Emma will be in the film "Vendetta" to be released November 2013.  Here is the newly released Trailer!


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