Television Interviews
     Interview from BBC's "Tumble"


  Entertainment Tonight- January 1992

               Emma in Commerical for
                          HRS DentalCare


                    she appears around the 2:37 mark

    Emma in Post-Dynasty interview!
           Persona Video Magazine


                         Emma on the Alan Tichmarsh Show


*********************************************                                West End VIP Day

       Soundbites and clips on Starlight and what the charity will do with the money raised that day.  
                                 27 November 2010 

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                     There is also more on if you follow the link below.

Emma and Patrick Duffy present
People's Choice award on 14 March, 1987.
             Radio Interview-  The Quick Quiz
                          Smooth Radio- 102.2
**You will need to give it plenty of time to load before the interview will play**

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